What is vaping?

A quick reference guide


The name of the most common connection between a battery and a tank

AC Adapter

A plug with USB port.


The battery of an electronic cigarette, which you can always re-charge


An adpater for the plug, for the tank connection or for the drip-tip


A liquid solution that can be added to an e-liquid. Additives can be used to make e-liquids sweeter, fresher and so on.

ADV – All Day Vape

An e-liquid that is suitable for every moment of the day

AIO – All-In-One

An electronic cigarette in which the battery and the tank cannot be separated.

Air flow

The way air flows in the tank. Some tanks allows you to adjust the air flow.

Alien coil

An alien coil is a clapton coil in which the core consists of a ribbon wire.


A word often used in vaping to refer to flavors.

Automatic battery

A battery that gets activated when inhaling.


The base is the foundation of an e-liquid and always consists of Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) or a combination of VG and PG.


A mod that looks like a box (as opposed to a pen).


A Bottom Feeder (also known as ‘squonker’) consists of an RDA and a battery holder with room for a soft bottle for the e-liquid. By pressing the bottle, the e-liquid gets pushed to the RDA, so you do not have to drip directly into it.

Button top battery

A battery with protruding positive pole.

BVC – Bottom Vertical Coil

BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) coils feature a vertical coil.


A clearomizer is a tank that uses disposable coils.


A coil is a spiral that glows when the battery is activated.

Clapton Coil

A clapton coil is a coil made with a wire that looks like a guitar string.

Closed Pod

A closed pod is a pod that comes prefilled with e-liquid and cannot be refilled.

Dry Hit

The roblem occurring when the coil does not receive any e-liquid.

Direct-Lung (DL)

Direct-Lung (DL) vaping means that the vapour gets inhaled directly into the lungs.

DIY – Do It Yourself

DIY is the method of preparing e-liquids using basic ingredients such as base and flavorings.

Dripper (also RDA)

A dripper is a vapourizer that has no reservoir. When using a dripper, you regularly need to drip some e-liquid directly onto the coil

Drip Tip

The mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette

Dual coil

A tank or coil with two glowing spirals. Dual coils usually have a lower resistance than single coils.


A common connection type between a battery and a tank.


The liquid for an electronic cigarette. E-liquid consists of PG, VG, flavors, and (possibly) nicotine and water.

E-cigarette (or e-cig)

Short for electronic cigarette


The firmware is the software that manages an electronic cigarette.


An additive that enhances the throat-hit produced by an e-liquid.

Flat top batterij

A battery without a protruding positive pole.


The flavor of an e-liquid.


A complex flavoring that needs to be diluted before it can be used in an electronic cigarette.

Fused Clapton Coil

A fused clapton coil (or wire) is a clapton coil (or wire) with the core consisting of two wires.

Regulated Mod

A MOD with safety protections (e.g., against short-circuits). Often it is possible to adjust the wattage, voltage or temperature.


An additive that gives e-liquids a fresh (or ‘ice’) feeling.


mAh is the abbreviation of milliampères per hour and is a measure of battery capacity.

Mechanical Mod

A mechanical mod is a mod without any electronics. Due to the lack of safety features, mechanical mods are not recommended for inexperienced users.


mg/ml is short for milligram per milliliter and it is how the percentage of nicotine in an e-liquid is reported.


An advanced electronic cigarette or battery holder, with protection against short-circuit.

Mouth-to-Lung (MTL)

In Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping, the vapour is gathered in the user’s mouth before it gets inhaled in the lungs.

NiChrome (Ni80)

A metal wire that allows you to build fast-glowing coils.

Nikkel (Ni200)

A metal wire only to be used in devices that support Temperature Controle Ni.

OCC – Organic Cotton Coil

A coil that uses organic cotton as wick material.


The measuring unit of (coils) resistance.

Open Pod

A pod that can be filled with one’s own e-liquid.


A pod is a capsule with a proprietary connection that can be used as tank.


Priming is the preparation of a coil for its first use. Basically it amounts to adding some e-liquid to the coil through the cotton openings.

Propylen Glycole (PG)

One of the basic ingredients of e-liquids.

RBA – ReBuildable Atomizer

The base where you can build your own coils.

RDA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

An RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, also known as dripper. Drippers offer the best flavors, but you need to build the coil yourself and keep dripping e-liquid every few puffs.

RDTA – Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer

An RDTA is a combination of an RDA and an RTA.

RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

An RTA is special kind of tank: Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. In RTAs you always need to build the coil yourself.

Stainless Steel – (SS or SS316(L))

A wire that can be used for vaping in wattage mode or Temperature Control SS.

Shake and Vape

Synonym for Shortfill

Shortfill (or Shake and Vape)

An e-liquid without nicotine and more concentrated flavoring that needs to be diluted before its use in an electronic cigarette.


The most commonly used Stainless Steel wire in vaping.

Starter set

A complete set including a battery and a tank with which you can start vaping.


Steeping is the developing of flavoring in an e-liquid.


The term for (tanks, devices or) coils with a resistance lower than 1.0ohm.


A bottom feeder mod or battery holder.

Temperature Control (TC)

Temperature control is a vaping mode in which you set the maximum temperature of the coil. Most devices only allow you to use Temperature Control with specific kinds of metal: e.g., Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel.

Titanium (Ti)

A resistance wire only to be used in Temperature Control (Ti) mode

Twisted Coil

A twisted coil consists of two interwoven wires.

Vape (or Vaping)

An alternative to smoking that focuses on harm reduction.

Variable Voltage (VV)

The possibility to adjust the voltage output of a battery.

Variable Wattage (VW)

The possibility to adjust the output of a battery by setting the wattage that results from applying the current voltage to the resistance

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

One of the basic ingredients of e-liquids.


The generic term for the e-liquid recipient where the vapour is created.


Wattage is the result of applying current to a resistance


Resistance is most often used to refer to the component of an electronic cigarette that offers resistance to the applied current. The term resistance might also refer to the resistance value of the coil, always measured in ohms.


A cotton-like or fabrics-like material that transports the e-liquid to the coil.