Twelve Monkeys Hakuna


Twelve Monkeys Hakuna is an e-liquid that combines sour green apples and sweet red apples. This Canadian Shake and Vape has a PG/VG ratio of 35%PG/65%VG. It is available in 50ml bottles.

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Brand Twelve Monkeys
Produced in Canada
Net Content 50ml
PG/VG Ratio 35%PG/65%VG
E-liquid flavour profile Fruity
Shortfill brand Twelve Monkeys
E-liquid sort Shortfills


Twelve Monkeys Hakuna E-liquid

Twelve Monkeys Hakuna is a mix of red and green apple. This shortfill e-liquid is produced in Canada with 35% Propylene Glycol and 65% Vegetable Glycerin. It is sold in 60ml bottles filled up to 50ml so you can easily add 10ml of base.

Twelve Monkeys Hakuna Shortfill E-liquid

This short fill e-liquid is sold in 60ml bottles filled with 50ml of nicotine free juice. You you can add 10ml of base without losing any flavour.  The nicotine level and PG/VG composition of the base will contribute to the end result. You can find more information in the Shortfill (Shake and Vape) and Nicotine and Shortfill (Shake and Vape) and PG/VG Calculator. Here are some examples:

  • 50ml Shortfill e-liquid + 10ml base 0mg/ml nicotine = 60ml e-liquid with 0mg/ml nicotine.
  • Shake and Vape (50ml) e-liquid + 10ml base 9mg/ml nicotine = 60ml e-liquid with 1.5mg/ml nicotine.
  • S&V with 50ml e-liquid + 10ml base 18mg/ml nicotine = 60ml e-liquid with 3mg/ml nicotine.

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Safety Warning

This product contains no nicotine. In case you add a nicotine booster, you should know that nicotine is a highly addictive substance.